The 16th Annual Day Function was pleasantly celebrated on Sunday 4th January 2009, at Natakashiromani A.V. Varadachar Memorial Art Association, Sheshadripuram, Bangalore. KUSO President
Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan presided over the function. The function was started by our secretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan with a devotional invocation song by Sri C.S. Sathya Kumar, our KUSO Committee Member.

This year our hon'ble Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority Welfare, Government of Karnataka, Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan, decorated the stage as our Chief Guest. KUSO was honoured by having such a great, strong, sturdy and stalwart personality as our Chief Guest.
Sri S.L. Jawaharlal, M.A., PDGCA, Secretary and Correspondent, Theni College of Arts and Science, Sourashtra College of Education, Sourashtra Teachers Training Institute, Theni, Tamil Nadu,
Sri M.R. Subburam, B.Com., B.L., Gana Vinodini, a popular Comedy Troupe, Bangalore and Sri M.K. Prakash, Subhatra Transports, Hoskote, Bangalore Rural, were there in the stage as our Special Invitees. They lighted the lamp to pray our Guru, Sourashtra Community Jyothi Sriman Natana Gopala Nayagi Swamigal.

Prof. N. Vasu, M.A., Vice President, KUSO delivered welcome speech to the Chief Guest, Special Invitees and all others gathered in the auditorium. The Chief Guest, Special Invitees, donors, Sri V.G. Gridharan, (rendered a room of his house to run KUSO office) and Sri V.G. Ravi (who offered his valuable computer service to run KUSO activities) were honoured with shawls by KUSO Committee Members. A new and first time website of KUSO (www.kuso.co.in) opened and the new year 2009 KUSO calendar was released by our Chief Guest and the first copy of the calendar was presented to our President.

The Hon'ble Minister Sri Mumtaz Ali Khan, appreciated on seeing the huge gathering of Sourashtra people in the auditorium from different parts of India. In his speech he stressed the importance of establishing unions or associations or organisations, though the people are megre in number, do the social and communal activities for the upliftment of the down trodden minority communities concerned. He said it was the 'Sign of Strength' for the economic and social prosperity of the community concerned. So that we could exhibit and highlight our community in the public, he emphasized. He concluded by saying that there would not be any communal dis-harmony, terrorism, violence and religious extremism and there should be inter-religious harmony. He quoted the spiritual examples from Bhagavat Gita, Bible and Qur-an.

Our Special Invitee Sri S.L. Jawaharlal, in his speech emphasized the importance of thinking in Himalayan way to develop our community by establishing schools, colleges and even universities. This could be done by generating funds by issuing bonds, shares and securities, he added.
Sri M.R. Subburam, our Special Invitee, in his speech, requested our Minister, (on behalf of KUSO) to add the name 'Sourashtra' along with Jamkhana (Sourashtra people are called as Jamkhana in Karnataka), in the Government Gazette, since both the names are coming under backward list. Our community people of other states are called as 'Sourashtra' and large number of people who are settled here long back could not enjoy the benefits of reservation here in Karnataka State, he explained. Another Special Invitee Sri M.K. Prakash agreed to lend a land site to construct our KUSO office at its own. By hearing his announcement of free site, our audience broke in to rapturous applause.

KUSO President, Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, briefed the history of KUSO. He also explained the purpose of conducting the Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela once in six months from 2004 and listed out the over all benefits which the entire Sourashtra community enjoys from the Mela.

Prof. N. Vasu, Vice-President, KUSO, indicated in his speech that KUSO had released 'the members directory' in the year 1998 and opined to upgrade the directory this year also to all Sourashtrians living in Bangalore and sought their help in registering with KUSO voluntarily by providing their latest addresses and details of their family members. He stressed the importance of Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela and quoted how 57 marriages are arranged through our Mela. He further appealed, donations and sponsorships from all Sourashtrians and philanthropists, come forward to help KUSO to build its own permanent building at Bangalore so that all Sourahtrians who visit Bangalore for business, job searching or some other purposes may stay freely.

The cultural programmes like fancy dress, musical chair for children and women, dance competition for children, one minute play for men were conducted. All the above programmes were well organised by Sri R.R. Baskar, Joint Secretary, KUSO and Sri P.M. Balaji, Committee Member, KUSO. Sri K.V. Pathy, President, I.T. of AISMS who offered to establish a web-site for KUSO, explained the importance of KUSO web site.

The lunch was served at about 2-00 pm and tea & biscuits at 4-00 pm to all who were in the auditorium. Prizes were distributed to respective winners of competitions by Sri B.R. Vasu, Swathi Electronics and by our office bearers and committee members.
Smt. Gunavathi, Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Smt. Vasantha, Smt. Deepa and Smt. Gomathi Ammal, for early comers - Sri C.R. Sathya Kumar for devotional song - Selvi R.B. Sangeetha for Bharatha Natyam - Sri P.S. Kumaran for Question and Answer - Selvan Niyanth for Key board play - Selvi Sony, Selvan Niganth and Sevli Sonica for Fancy Dress - Selvi Dharanishree, Selvan Niyanth, Selvan Prakash for Musical Chair - Selvi A.K. Supraja, Selvan K.B. Kishanth, Selvi V.G. Shloka for Dance Competition - Smt. Amutha Rajesh, Smt. Vijayalaksmi Ramamoorthi and Smt. Vani Santhosh for women musical chair - Deva Kumar and party for one minute play, are the various prize winners. The Spoorthi Dance Group gave their colourful dance performance and earned applause and appreciation from the gatherings.

Sri N.S.R. Santharam, who attended the function from Madurai, agreed to give first, second and third prizes viz - diamond nose ring, one gram gold coin and silver 'Kolusu', respectively to the first three early comers to the function next year. Sri A.S. Kumaresh Babu, agreed to offer lunch next year function. KUSO thanked them for their voluntary offers. Sri Vennai Baskar with his betterhalf from Salem, Sri N.S.R. Santharam and Sri M.V. Mohanram from Madurai and many other Sourashtrians from Dindigul, Nagarcoil, Erode, Rasipuram, Kanchipuram, Tanjavur, Kumbakonam, Paramakudi, Coimbatore, Hosur, Chennai and Trichy have honoured KUSO by joining in our annual day celebration.

Sri K.K. Devadass Babu, Joint Secretary,
Sri B.R. Surendran, Treasurer, Sri P.D. Srinivas, Joint Treasurer, Sri P.R. Surendran, Astrologer, Sri K.R. Kalidass, Sri B.V. Srinivas, Sri C.R. Sathya Kumar, Sri R. Krishnakumar, Sri P.R. Gopinath, Sri V.G. Gridharan, Sri V.G. Ravi, Sri K.K. Gopinath and Sri K.V. Pathy, KUSO Advisor - all who rendered physical assistance in conducting the function peacefully and successfully.

The function ended unabruptedly with vote of thanks by our Committee Member Sri P.M. Balaji.

Written by Prof. N. Vasu, Vice President, KUSO