17th Anniversary celebration of Karnataka United Saurashtra organization, Bangalore was celebrated on 10th Janary of 2010 at Natakachironmani. A.V. Varadhachari memorial hall, Sheshadripuram under the leadership of Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan-President KUSO,
Sri B.N Vasu-Vice President KUSO and Sri T.S. Jeyabalan-Secretary KUSO. The highlights of the celebration were that several Saurshtrans from Thirupathi, Andhra came and participated in this function.

Eminent Participants:
Our chief guest Sri Srihari Khoday (Chairman-Khodays group of companies) could not attend due to his pre-occupations and chose to depute his representative Sri S.Ananth (Vice President – Somavamsa sahasrarjuna shathriya co-operative society Ltd).

Our special invitees were Prof. Dr. B.A. Vishawanath, senate member, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences and Sri VG Rajaram, President- Coimbatore Saurashtra Association. The other special invitees who honoured the association with their presence are, Former President of Delhi Saurahstra Association Sri R.S.S. Nathan, Sri Balayogi - member - Madurai Municipal corporation, Sri Vennai Bhaskar from Ooty, All India Saurshtra Madhya Sabha Vice President Sri M.R. Narayan from Salem, Sri V.N. Gopal from Maharashtra and many Saurshtrans from all over the country.

Sri Ananth pointed out the common orgin of Saurashtrans and somavamsa sahararjuna shathriya community and invited all to unite in future. He was all for inclusion and support of all under privileged and backward by one and all.
Sri Balayogi called for immediate suspension of all discussion of our history and glorification and action on improvement in our community. He stressed on the need for Saurashtrans to take active part in politics to help this cause. Sri VG Rajaram brought everybody’s attention to the potential of all Bangalore residents to contribute to the improvement of the Saurashtra community and made a special mention of IT professionals with higher salaries who have this extra advantage and capability to support the community improvement schemes.

Dr. Vishwanath in his speech expressed his commitment to our community and that his institutions (schools and colleges) offered education to needy saurashtrans either on lower and no fees basis based on the candidate. He gifted a digital camera to the association on the occasion.

Sri Gopalakrishnan-President KUSO while addressing the audience reported that over 110 marriage alliances have been successful and that
the ‘Jathaka parivarthana mela’ conducted by KUSO since 2004 has been instrumental in this feat. He invited all the needy to participate in the 12th Mela to be conducted on 21st of March in Bangalore. He also conveyed his belief in doing good for the people and its positive effect on one’s health and mind. As a last appeal he requested all Saurashtrans to speak in their mother tongue so as to preserve the language and culture.

Sri Jeyabalan-secretary KUSO announced the committees decision to release the second directory of Saurashtrans in Bangalore and that the first one was released in 1998 and has not been updated since. He requested all Saurashtrans to donate generously to KUSO for acquiring a property for the association. He also stressed the need for permamanent Saurashtra ‘purohit’ in Bangalore to conduct all sorts of religious and tradition ceremonies and prayers. In reply to Sri Jeyabalan’s request, Sri Sundararaja Perumal from Walajapet offered to be ‘purohit’ for all Saurashtrans for all auspicious ceremonies only.

The program started with an invocation by Sri C.R. Sathyakumar followed by a recital of devotional song by Master Aditya Vishwanath and Bharathanatyam recital by Mrs. Tharini Prakash. The chief guest, special guests, Sri VG Rajaram-President Coimbatore Saurashtra Association, Prof. Dr.BA Vishawanath-senate member Rajiv Gandhi university of Health sciences and all members of KUSO executive lit the lamp to launch the function.

Sri S. Ananth released the New Year calendar and gave the first copy to KUSO President Sri Gopalakrishnan. Sri B N Vasu welcomed the gathering and a shawl was presented to Sri BA Vishawanath as a token of gratitude for having provided office space for KUSO.

Sri NSR Santharam an educationist spoke with awe on the large number of saurashtrans assembled for the annual event. He announced and gave prizes for winners in various events with gold and jewelry items. Former counselor and BBC publicity cell member Sri Shukla Dhamodaran and Sri Setty Dhananjaya spoke of the high integration that KUSO brought among the Saurashtrans across country. The Thirupathy saurashtrans gave ‘Laddu’ prasadam to all the people who attended the days function and further extended invitation to all KUSO members to visit Thirupathy for the function to be held in Sri Renuka Parameswari Temple in Thirupathy.

Sri Sathyakumar and Sri P.M. Balaji conducted all the cultural events.
Sri M K Thiagarajan, Mrs. S. Kavitha and Sri MN Rajesh got
the nose stud, gold coin and anklet as prizes from Sri N.S.R. Santharam. Consolation prize of one saree each was given to Sri MK Jeyaram, Sri MR Ramachari, Sri C.V.Amudha, Mrs.S.V Vijayalakshmi and Sri MJ Saravanakumar by Sri Gopalakrishnan. Sri TSK Ramani got the prize for Question and Answer competition.

Special honours were made for Sathyakumar and Tharini Prakash for their invocation song and dance performances. Ms.Sandhya was honoured for obtaining the first rank in engineering programme of Shivaji University.

The other winners were:
Children Musical chair – Surya, Arshad and Saumya
Dance competition – Thikanth, PS Tharanisri, and Premi
Ladies Musical chair – VG Sandhya, TS Madhavi and SA Soumya
Fancy dress competition – Anusri, Premi and Adhishesha Madhavan

All members present were given breakfast, lunch and evening tiffin during the programme. The donors were Sri AS Kumaresh,
Sri Mollyn Suresh and TK Divakaran.

KUSO acknowledges the contribution of: Sri K.K. Devadoss,
Sri R.R. Bhaskar, Sri B.R. Surendran, Sri P.D. Srinivasan,
Sri C.K. Dwarakanath, Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Sri K.R. Kalidoss,
Sri T.V. Surendran, Sri B.V. Srinivasan, Sri C.R. Sathyakumar,
Sri P.R. Gopinath, Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri V.G. Ravi, Sri VG Giridharan,
Sri P.M. Balaji, Mrs.Savithri Sadasivan, Mrs.Uma Giridharan,
Mrs.Geetha Vijayakumar, Sri KV Pathy & All the members who attended the function.
A report on "17th Annual Day Report" from 'Kalaikadir' on 17th Januaryl 2010.