The 19th Anniversary of KUSO was held on Sunday, February 26, 2012 by 9.30 am at Nataga Siromani A.V. Varadhachar Memorial Hall situated at Seshadripuram, Bangalore. In the beginning, morning tiffin was offered to our honourable visitors. KUSO President, Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan presided over the function. General Secretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan formally inaugurated the business of the day.

Smt. Gita Gunasekaran, Smt. Dinamani Janardhanan, Smt. Karthigayini Naganath, Smt. Santha Kuppusamy and Smt. Rathnamala Ramamurthy had lighted the lamp. While Sri C.R. Sathyakumar, Committee Member, recited the prayer song on Lord Ganesha, the festivity started with the Bharath Natyam by Selvi B. Vismitha. President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan in his brief speech explained the activities of KUSO during the year 2011. Prof N. Vasu welcomed the Chief Guest, Special Invitees, the members of KUSO with their families and the honourable visitors from outstations.

The following dignitaries and VIPs were seen sitting on the stage:
Sri K.R.M. Niranjan Kumar (Managing Director, Niranjan Ultra Sound India P. Ltd., Kozhikode, Kerala), our Chief Guest. Special Invitees:
Sri E. Santharam (President, All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha, Dindigul), Sri P.G.M. Thulasiram (Ex-President, AISMS, Dindigul),
Sri V.G. Ramdoss (President, Sourashtra Munnetra Kazhagam, Madurai), Sri A.K.R. Subramanian (Gen. Secretary, AISMS, Dindigul),
Sri E. Jawaharlal (Ex-Treasurer, AISMS, Dindigul), Sri R.S.S. Nathan (President, Sourashtra Association, New Delhi), Sri K. Srinivasan (President, Hyderabad Sourashtra Association, Hyderabad),
Sri A.R. Balaji (President, Sourashtra Sabha, Madurai, Sri M.C. Muddu Krishnaiah (President, Sourashtra Association, Bangalore) and
Sri S.S. Ramakrishnan (Sr. Journalist & News Photographer, Dinamalar (Retd.), Madurai).

A Minute silent prayer was held in honour of deceased sourashtra personalities during the year 2011. The Administrators and Executive Committee Members of KUSO, Chief Guest, Special Invitees, Donors, advertisers of Voice of KUSO and Calendar and the VIPs who visited from outstations were introduced on the stage to the audience.
Sri R.S. Jeevanlal (Secretary, Sri Venkataramana Bhagavathar Seva Samajam), Sri P.S. Ramnath (Secretary, Sourashtra Sabha),
Sri T.R. Athma Rao (Director, Sourashtra Sabha) from Madurai,
Sri A.R. Krishnamoorthy (Managing Trustee, Sri Ramachandra Public Charitable Trust) from Paramakudi, Sri Vennai V.N. Bhaskaran (President, Information & Public Relation Committee, AISMS) with his
wife Smt. Sasikala Bhaskaran from Salem, Sri Ganesha Moorthy from Cochin and Sri Kannan from Chennai have also decorated this festivity along with the large number of sourashtra people (local & from adjoining cities and towns) who took part in this celebration.

In his speech Sri Nirajan Kumar, our Chief Guest, had expressed his surprise and feeling upon seeing a large number of sourashtra people assembled in a big theatre to celebrate an association’s anniversary in the neighbourhood State Karnataka from Tamilnadu. He felt proud on meeting thousands of sourashtra people with their families and friends in a function like this. Instead of building Chatrams or Rest Houses for the use of our sourashtra people, it is better to construct hospitals, temples and schools for the best use of our next generation of the sourashtra mass, he emphasized. He also appreciated upon reading the issues of Voice of KUSO (our official journal) and its contents. If this journal is presented in multiple colours with some added pages, it will be more useful to the people, he suggested and announced on the stage that he will extend financial assistance to carry out his ‘colourful suggestions’ amidst applause from the audience as a welcome gesture.

In a given opportunity Sri K.V. Pathy (Advisor, KUSO) had put up certain of his appeals to the kind attention of All India Sourahstra Madhya Sabha. Our Special Invitee Sri E. Santharam (President, All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha) had assured to Sri K.V. Pathy to look into the matters that have been referred to by him. Sourashtra people must speak in sourashtra language only without mixing the words of regional languages i.e., Tamil, Kannada etc. They must avoid reading, writing and speaking by mixing the words of other languages, while Sourashtra people have their own lipis for their use. They must practice to use their own lipis to avoid the influence of foreign languages, Mr Santharam insisted. He concluded that all sorts of steps are being taken by Sourashtra Madhya Sabha to include the Sourashtra Community under Backward Class List of all the States since our people are spread through out the Country because of higher education and wide spread employment opportunities outside Tamilnadu. Sri V.G. Ramdoss, our

Special Invitee (President, Sourashtra Munnetra Kazagam, Madurai) had briefly explained his policies on the political party ‘Sourashtra Munnetra Kazagam’ he had started for the welfare of the sourashtra community and appealed to the audience those who have completed 18 years (and above) can join this party and sought support from the mass to achieve this goal.

The colourful calendar 2012 was released by Sri K.R.M. Nirajan Kumar, our Chief Guest and the first copy was received by
Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO. Later, the web site of SURYA (Sourashtra Universal Revolutionary Youth Association – the youth wing of KUSO), was inaugurated by Prof. N. Vasu. The President of SURYA,
Sri P.A. Viswanath had openly announced that free education will be offered to all the sourashtra students in his ‘Aditya Group of Institutions’ with big hands from the audience side.

All the other cultural programmes were conducted by Sri R.R. Baskar,

Joint Treasurer, KUSO along with Committee Members,
Sri R.K. Sridharan, Sri P.M. Balaji and Sri C.R. Sathya Kumar. From the troup of Sourashta Magician Sri A.R. Sridharan, Sri Surya and Master Vijay had conducted certain magic shows entertaining the audience more particularly the children.

Before commencement of the routine business of this anniversary in the morning, rangoli, lemon-spoon walk and rope pulling competitions were held. Musical Chair for men and women, dance competitions among children and ‘one minute competition’ for men also held. ‘Early Bird’ prizes (i.e., sarees) were offered to 5 ladies who entered the auditorium first, as announced. President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan handed over the

sarees to Smt. Githa, M.G., Smt. Vijayalakshmi, M.R., Smt. Shalini, K., Smt. Nirmala, G.G., and Smt. Bhuvaneshwari C.C. Selvi Monisha, Menaka, and Smt. Saranya Viramanikandam had won the first 3 prizes in the rangoli competitions. Pravin Kumari, Kavitha M and Nirmala G.G. and Vani Sri N., Vani J. and Gita won prizes in lemon-spoon walk
competitions. Prizes were offered to Saraswathi, Kavitha M., Chinni, Shalini, Vani J., Kanaka, Manjula P.G., Gita Vijay, Madumati and
T.P. Gomathi under rope pulling competions.

Fancy Dress Competitions – Winners – Selvi Tejas, Selvi Meera and Manasa. Musical Chair – Winners – Selvi Vaishnavi, Selvi Deekshita, Selvi Divya. Dance Competitions – Winners – Selvi Vishmita, Smt. Asinthya
Sri Kanth and Selviyar – Nandini-Bhuvana-Kusuma. Musical Chair – ladies – winners – Sowmya, Kavitha M and Smt. Madumati Rajkumar. One Minute Competition – Winners – M/s Venkatesh, Anup, Harish, Santhoshkumar, Vijayakumar, Venkatesh, Narendran, Vivek and Sathishkumar. Question & Answer – The only winner was Sri K.V. Pathy. All the winners were handed over the prize materials.

Lunch and Evening Snacks were offered to the audience amidst the above said cultural programmes organized by Sri K.V. Pathy, KUSO Adviser,
Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu, Treasurer, Joint Secretaries Sri B.V. Srinivas & P.R. Gopinath, Joint Treasurer Sri R.R. Baskar, Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Editor, Voice of KUSO and Committee Members, viz., Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri R.K. Sridharan, Sri M.V. Mohanram, Sri M.R. Narayanan,
Sri P.A. Viswanath, Sri V.G. Ravindranath, Sri V.G. Giridharan and
Sri P.M. Balaji.

The expenses for Lunch, the expenses for the Stage and the expenses for prize distributions were borne by Sri N.S. Naganath, Sri P.A. Viswanath and Sri B.R. Vasu, respectively. Moreover, Sri P.N. Manohar,
Sri A.S. Kumaresh Babu, Sri S.K. Varadarajan, Sri U.K. Kalyana Ramudu, Sri K.S. Srinivasan, Sri K.C. Ramachandran, Sri A.R. Amar Deep and Sri M.N. Ravi and others have rendered financial assistance to

meet the anniversary expenses.

With vote of thanks by Sri P.M. Balaji to one and all and with more emphasize on those who had come forward to extend financial assistance for the successful conduct of KUSO’s 19th Anniversary, the celebration came to an end by 6 pm. Photos by : Sri R.R. Venkatesh, Madurai Breakfast & Lunch by : B.V.K. Gopi Catering Groups, Dindigul