The colourful 20th Annual Day Celebrations of Karnataka United Sourashtra Organization was held on Sunday, 06.01.2013 from 8.00AM., onwards at the well decorated stage situated at Natakashiromani A.V. Varadachar Memorial Art Association Auditorium, (Behind Nataraj Theatre), Seshadripuram, Bangalore-20. Morning tiffin was offered to our visitors. Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO, presided over the function and Sri T.S. Jayabalan, General Secretary inaugurated the celebrations. Upon appeal by Sri T.S. Jayabalan and observation of one minute silence on the death of a few elders in the community, the routine functions started with the prayer song by Smt. R.T. Jitheswari with Bharathnatyam by Selvi V.G. Sloka and Selvi R.B. Sangiitha. President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, our Chief Guest Sri Shrihari L. Khoday and other special invitees, lighted the lamp for the successful conduct of the celebrations.

Later, Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, our President, briefed the activities and achievements of KUSO during the year 2012 and Sri P.R. Gopinath, our Secretary, delivered his welcome address.

Our Chief Guest Sri Shrihari L. Khoday (Managing Director, Khoday Group of Industries, Bangalore), and our Special Invitees, viz., Sri K.K. Surendranath (President, Gita Natanagopala Nayaki Mandir, Correspondent, Sriman Nayakiyar Vidya Mandir and Director, Varuni Chemicals, Madurai), Prof. D.K. Subamanian (Prof. Madura College, Madurai (Retd.) & SUN TV famous Lecturer), Sri K.V. Manoharan (President, Subuthi Overseas, California, USA & Director, Indonet Global, Chennai), Smt. Suganya Mohanram, Ex-Municipal Chairman, Walajapet & Executive Committee Member, AIADMK), Smt. Kanchana Surendranath (Committee Member, Gita Natanagopala Nayaki Mandir, Madurai) and Sri V.G. Ramdoss (President, Sourashtra Munnettra Kazhagam, Madurai) were seen decorating the stage of the functions.

The KUSO Executives, Committee Members, the Chief Guest, the Special Invitees, the Donors, the Advertisers of Voice of KUSO and KUSO Calendar 2013 and some of the VIPs from outstations were introduced on the stage subsequently.

It is observed that Sri N.M.R.K. Jawahar Babu (Managing Director, Seethabai Parvathavardhani Ammal Trust, Madurai), Sri T.K.D. Krishnan (Treasurer, Sourashtra Munnettra Kazhagam, Madurai), Sri A.M. Ramakrishnan (Vice-President, Sourashtra Munnettra Kazhagam), Sri V.N. Sami (Secretary, Sourashtra Munnettra Mazhagam, Madurai), Sri P.M. Murali (Joint Secretary, Sourashtra Munnettra Kazhagam), Sri Solai S.S. Mohan (Secretary, Ariyankavu Devasthana Sourashtra Mahajana Sangam), Sri Mukundu M.P. Balan (President, T.M.S. Rasigar NarppaNi Manram & Producer of ‘Ghetti viDo’, sourashtra telefilm), Sri K.G. Ramkumar (Producer & Hero of ‘suLi’ – sourashtra telefilm) and Sri B.R. Ganesh (Editor, ZEEG, Sourashtra Newspaper) from Madurai, Sri Kuppal G. Devadoss (Founder-President, Jai Munnetra Kazhagam), Sri Rama Easwarlal (Founder-Editor, Juttysuns Ad Page, sourashtra fortnightly), and Sri K.R. Sethuraman (Sahitya Akademi’s Bhasha Sammaan Awardee) from Chennai, Sri R.S. Gokulan from Kozhikode, Sri R.S.S. Nathan from New Delhi, Dr T.G. Kuppusamy from Dubai were seen from the front rows of the auditorium along with other sourashtra dignitaries from various other cities and towns.

KUSO’s Calender 2013 was later released by our Chief Guest Sri Shrihari L. Khoday and the first copy was received by KUSO President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan. ‘Jai Ambabhavani; Sourashtra Mathaki Jai’ - These slogans were loudly pronounced by our Chief Guest Sri Shrihari L. Khoday and the audience also repeated the same upon his appeal. In his speech, he stressed love between people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It is because of such love and affection only, the recently held Global Sourashtra Meet 2012 was successfully conducted, he observed. He recollected his close of association of sourashtra students from Sourashtrapet, Bangalore while he was studying. He highly merited and appreciated the social activities of KUSO like Jadhaga Parivarthanai Melas, Job Oppurtunies, maintenance of Guest House for job seekers. He also blessed the fresh proposals of KUSO, like Senior Citizens Shelters, Free Eye Camps, Free Medical Camps, Offer of Mid-day Meal and financial assistance to needy poor students and assured his support, amidst applause from the audience, for the successful materialization of KUSO’s proposals.

Smt. Suganya Mohanram in her speech, praised the Chief Guest Sri Shrihari L. Khoday and Sri V.G. Ramdoss for having joined hands with each other to draw the world’s attention on the Global Sourashtra Meet 2012 held in August 2012 and its successful conduct has created a fresh page in the history of the sourashtra community, she observed. She appreciated the self less service rendered by KUSO through Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela. She added that a Student from Walajapet named Sri Suresh has got a job at Chennai with the help of 'KUSO Jobs' and appreciated the training offered to the job-seekers.

Our Special Invitee, Sri V.G. Ramdoss (Founder President, Sourashtra Munnettra Kazhagam), in his speech, praised the vital part played by KUSO for the successful conduct of the historical Global Sourashtra Meet 2012 in August 2012 through its wide coverage in their official monthly journal, ‘Voice of KUSO’ with plenty of colorful photographs of the event with unforgettable moral support from KUSO side.

Sri D.K. Subramanian, our special invitee, had observed that the majority of the organizers of KUSO events are mostly above 60 years in age and expected the youths to take active part in the activities of KUSO in the years to come. He added that our people should encourage and enter into ‘inter city’ marriages to bring a concrete unity among sourashtra people who live in various other cities and towns. Those from other cities who have lived for more than 60 years in Madurai City should be considered as Madurai people, he insisted. Such type of attitude must spread among the Sourashtra peope of other cities and towns also, to bring a permanent unity among the sourashtra people, he stressed.

Sri K.K. Surendranath, had elaborated the value of the kiirthanas of Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal and announced that arrangements are being made to celebrate the 100th Memorial Year of the great saint Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal and invited the audience to take part in the proposed celebrations. Later, Smt. Kanchana Surendranath, recited a few kiirthans of Nayaki Swamigal with raagam & taalam which enabled the audiene to understand the meaning of such kiirthanaas. A Book titled 'Perumaimigu Sourashtra Samugam: Or arimugam!' and authored by Sri K.R. Sethuraman was released in the function. The first copy was received by our Chief Guest Sri Shrihari L. Khoday from Sri K.R. Sethuraman.

Sri V.G. Gridharan announaced that an organization in the name of Sourashtra Successful Business will be initiated by KUSO for which he sought support and active participation from the sourashtra business magnets.

After the Lunch interval, the trailer of sourashtra telefilm, ‘suLl’ was screened for the entertainment of the audience.

Sri B.S. Harshavardhana (belongs to Sourashtra community) editor and publisher of the Kannada journel "Thai Bhratha" was introduce to our chief guest. Much delighted chief guest blessed the young journalist and appreciated his efforts in bringing out a Kannada journal.

After the telefilm, Sri D.K. Subramanian made a brief lecture on the kiirthanas of Sriman Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal and explained those kiirthanas to the taste of the audience in his own style (which is very familiar among sourashtra people) !

After these speeches and lectures, the cultural programmes were started. Sri R.R. Baskar, Deputy Treasurer, Committee Member Sri R.K. Sridharan., Sri P.M. Balaji and Sri P.R. Gopinath have organized the events.

Before commencement of the routine business of the day, by 8 am. sharp the competitions on Rangoli, Lemon Spoon Running, Tug-of-War etc, among women participants were conducted. Fancy Dress, Musical Chair among men, women and children and dance competitions were also held one after the other.

Early Bird prizes (10 sarees) were offered to the successful 10 women viz., Smt. G.G. Nirmala, Smt. M.R. Vijayalakshmi, Smt. R. Anuradha, Smt. S.A. Saraswathi, Smt. S.N. Nagajyothi, Smt. Kousalya, Smt P.S. Uma Devi, Smt. M. Kavitha, Smt. P.C. Rekha and Smt. S.V. Vijayalakshmi. Prizes were offered to the successful winners of the competitions and participants at the end of the functions.

As a special case, prizes were offered to the rank holders in SSLC & PUC during the academic year 2011-12. Selvan R.K.S. Kailasnath and Selvi S. Kavitha were handed over the first 2 prizes in SSLC and Selvi N.R. Sruthi was given 1st prize in PUC.

All the programmes and stage management were looked after by Sri K.V. Pathy, KUSO Adviser, Sri B.R. Surendran, Vice-President, Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu, Treasurer, Sri R.R. Baskar, Deputy Treasurer, Sri B.V. Srinivas, Sri P.R. Gopinath, Secretaries, Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Editor, Voice of KUSO and Committee Members, viz., Sri T.V. Surendran, Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri R.K. Sridharan, Sri N.S.R. Santharam, Sri M.V. Mohanram, Sri R. Krishnakumar, Sri B.R. Sekar, Sri N. Saravanan, Sri V.G. Ravindranath, Sri V.G. Gridharan, Sri P.M. Balaji and Sri T.P. Rajendran. Video & Photograph were managed and handled by Sri R.R. Venkatesh.

Smt. Dr. Krishnapriya Pravin (D/o. Dr. T.G. Kuppusami, Dubai) sponsored Lunch expenses for the celebration. Sri P.A. Viswanath and Sri B.R. Vasu have accepted expenditures on stage management and prize distribution respectively. Sri K.R. Dakshinamoorthy accepted the expenses on photo and videography. Sri U.K. Kalyanaramudu, K.C. Ramachandran, S.K. Varadarajan, Smt M.R. Jothilakshmi, Sri S.N. Karthikeyan (Jedda), Sri A.S. Shanmugarajan, Sri M.K. Kantharaj, M/s.Power Equipment, M.J. Venkatesh, A.J. Senthilnathan, M.J. Rathnakar and some others offered financial assistance to meet the expenditures in connection with this Annual Day Celebrations. Morning Tiffin and Lunch were prepared and provided by B.V.K. Gopi Ready Made Samayal Kuzhu, Dindigul.

With the vote of thanks by Sri P.M. Balaji to the audience and to those who offered financial and other supports for the successful conduct of this 20th Annual Day Celebration, the festivity came to a close by 6 pm.