Natagasiromani A.V. Varadachar Memorial Hall situated in Seshadripuram, Bangalore was filled with a large no. of sourashtra audience consisting of men, women and children to celebrate the 21st Annual Day of Karnataka United Sourashtra Organisation on Sunday, 19.01.2014 at 8.00 am. All our visitors were offered morning tiffin, lunch and evening tea to participate in the whole day celebrations without any hinder.

While Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, our President, presided over the function, our General Secretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan, inaugurated the function. With the prayer song by Smt. R.D. Jeetheswari and with the Bharatha Natyam performance by Selvi V.G. Shloka, the functions started.

After observation of one minute silence in respect to the elderly souls departed during the year as announced by Sri T.S. Jayabalan, the lighting of the lamp by Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, Chief Guest and Special Invitees was carried out.

Sri K.V. Bala, (Chairman, B.V.K. Group of Industries, Chennai) as Chief Guest, Sri Shri Hari L. Khoday (Managing Director, Khoday Group of Industries, Bangalore), Sri V.P. Ramamoorthi (Founder and Principal, Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai), Smt. P.A. Suryakanthi Anantharaman (Trustee, Aditya Institutions, Bangalore) and Smt. A.R. Mahalakshmi (President, Sowbhagya Women Entrepreneur Club, Madurai) as Special Invitees were seen decorating the stage in the function.

Later, our President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan briefed KUSO's achievements during the year 2013. Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Editor, Sonna Kodum made his welcome address introducing the Chief Guest and the Special Invitees to the audience.

KUSO Office Bearers and Committee Members were introduced on the stage. The Chief Guest, Special Invitees, Donors, 'Sonna Kodum' and 'Calendar' Advertisers and VIPs from outstations were introduced on the stage and honoured.

Sri 'Imitation' Ramlal, Director of the tele film 'Hamsathwani', Dr P.R. Narasimhan, Anupanadi Madurai, Sri E.R. Kumaresh, Immediate Past President, Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce, Delhi Sri R.S.S. Nathan, Sri K.R.S. Moorthy, Coimbatore and Sourashtratime TV crew viz., Sri P.R. Kubendran (Sathyabhama Catering), Sri K.R. Gopi, Sri 'Chappathi' Gangadharan and the Cameraman Sri Rajkumar were some of the outstation VIPs who had participated in this function. Sourashtra Time TV team had recorded the entire day's function for being telecast in their daily programs.

Before commencement of the routine business, Special Invitees Sri Srihari L. Khoday and Smt. A.R. Mahalakshmi had administered 'polio drops' to a few children below 5 years.

Our Chief Guest Sri K.V. Bala, in his speech, briefed the active participation of BVK Group in the community related activities. He mentioned about the Best Achievers Award (a Cash award of Rs.10,000/- with a plaque) he had initiated at Madurai and expressed his willingness to offer such Awards at Bangalore in the coming years. He welcomed the audience in forming a Sourashtra Nagar in Bangalore with all modern facilities for the Sourashtra people for which his BVK Group has initiated steps, he said. He also suggested to initiate Bangalore Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of Sourashtra business population in Bangalore like the Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce functioning at Madurai for the past 6 years, he insisted. At least once in a year 'Samuga Tinnal' should be conducted so as to enable the Sourashtra people live scattered in Karnataka to assemble in Bangalore as a get-together and 'Exhibitions' should also be conducted, he suggested. Sourashtra youths must show interest in active politics, he stressed.

Smt. A.R. Mahalakshmi, narrated the achievements of Sowbhagya Women Entrepreneur Club, Madurai and expressed her willingness to form such a women club at Bangalore for the well being of the Sourashtra ladies. She also referred the Global Sourashtra Meet held at Madurai in the year 2012 and insisted to conduct such a Global Meet at Bangalore as she observes that Bangalore is a suitable location for such a big event for the community. Sourashtra people must show interest in political activities and they must take active participation in the politics, she concluded.

Sri V.P. Ramamurthi, Founder, Dhanlakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai, in his speech, referred that his college is one of the 10 best engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. He offers 'free admission' in Tamilnadu and without any donation to those Sourashtra students who obtained 1160 marks and above. This offer is also extended to those Sourashtra students who studied in Karnataka State and obtained 1160 marks and above, he announced amidst cheers from the audience.

With the slogans, 'Jai Amba Bhavani' 'Sourashtra Mathaaki Jai', Sri Shri Hari L. Khoday started his speech. He said that both Kshatriya Community and Sourashtra Community moved from the ancient Gujarat and settled in the southern most part of the Country, people of these communities should live like brothers. A Special Fund should be instituted for the uplift and welfare of the poor students. Free medical facilities should also be initiated for the well being of the poor people, he stressed.

Later, KUSO Calendar 2014 was released by Sri K.V. Bala, our Chief Guest and our President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan received the calendar.

Sri 'Chappathi' Gangadharan, from Sourashtra Time TV Team, had a chance to express his views. In his speech, he insisted the parents to interact with their own children with reasonable intervals, to discuss their problems and to suggest solutions on such problems. On the language front, he suggested to the parents to speak pure Sourashtra language without mixture of regional/foreign words. Even if their children speak such a corrupt language the parents must intervene and correct them with suitable Sourashtra words. Language is the only identity for Sourashtra people, he emphasized.

In the later part of the function, cultural programs, games, competitions etc. were held. These were organized by Sri R.R. Baskar, Joint Treasurer with the support of Committee Members, viz., Sri R.K. Sridharan, Sri P.M. Balaji and Sri P.R. Gopinath.

Selvan V.G. Niyanth, son of Sri V.G. Gridharan & grand son of Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, conducted, 'Beat Box', a music mimicry which entertained most of the audience. It is to be noted that in the program 'Fresh Face 2014' conducted by Times of India, Selvan Niayath was the first among the college students participated in it. He is about to go to Mumbai on 26.01.2014 to participate similar competition to be held there.

Later prizes were distributed to the winners, runners and other participants. Early Bird Prizes were offered to Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Smt. Anuradha, Smt. Gayathri, Smt. Prema, Smt. Amudha, Smt. Nirmala, Smt. Jothi, Selvi Nagalakshmi, Smt. Kousalyaa and Smt. Saraswathi.

Prize items were handed in by Sri B.R. Vasu, Swathi Electronics, Bangalore to the winners.
Rangoli Winners: 1. Smt. Uma Devi 2. Smt. Kavitha Murugan and 3. T.J. Madhumadhi.
Lemon Spoon Group 1 – Smt. Kavitha Murugan, S.N. Jothi and R. Kanaka.
Group 2 – P.S. Sumathi, Sona S.A., and G.G. Nirmala
Children Lemon Spoon – Selvan M.G. Thejas, Selvan G. Arunraj and Selvei M. Sneha.
Tug of War – Women winners – M.R. Vijayalakshmi, S.A. Saraswathi, R. Kanaka, R. Anuradha, M.A. Prema, Kavitha Murugan, M. Gayathri, S. Kavitha, P.S. Uma Devi, G.G. Nirmala, S.N. Jothi, K.T. Nagalakshmi, P.B. Kamala, K. Subapriya, S.A. Soumya, S.A. Sona and M.A. Mala.
Tug of War – Men winners – T.A. Pattabiraman, N. Kumaran, D. Santhosh Kumar, S. Sasikiran, M.S. Naresh, M.N. Subramanian, R. Ananth, K. Rakesh, K.S. Damodaran, M.R. Baskaran, K. Kishore, K.J. Balaji, K. Subhash and N. Raja.
Children Fancy Dress – winners – T.R. Prakalya, L. Harshini, M. Manasa.
Musical Chair – winners – Manish, Jeyanth, S. Deekshitha.
Dance Competitions – winners – R.B. Shalini, A.K. Supraja, S. Deekshitha.
Musical Chair – women winners – R. Kanaka, Madhu Rajkumar, S.N. Jothi.
One Minute Competition – Men winners – Mahesh, Lokesh, S.K. Narendran, Naganathan, Rajkumar, Vivek, Murugan, Ashwath, Shyam Prashanth, T.A. Pattabiraman.
Question and Answer – winner – Smt. Prabhavathi.
All the other cultural programmes were conducted by Sri R.R. Baskar,

Smt. Dr. T.G.K. Krishnapriya Pravin, Dentist, offered coupons each worth of Rs.1,000/- to 10 persons to get concessions from the cost of their dental treatment. Over all management of the annual day functions were looked after by office bearers and committee members etc., viz., Sri K.V. Pathy, Adviser, Sri B.R. Surendran, Vice-President, Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu, Treasurer, Sri R.R. Baskar, Joint Treasurer, Secretaries Sri B.V. Srinivas, Sri P.R. Gopinath, 'Sonna Kodum' Editor Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri N.S.R. Santharam, Sri M.V. Mohanram, Sri T.R. Govindan, Sri R. Krishnakumar, Sri R.K. Sridhar, Sri N. Saravanan, Sri V.G. Ravindranath, Sri V.G. Gridharan and Sri P.M. Balaji. Video & Photography by Sri R.R. Venkatesh.

KUSO expresses its gratitude to Smt. B.A. Suryakanthi Anantharaman for having met the expenses on morning tiffin and lunch offered to the visitors in the function and to those who extended financial assistance for the successful conduct of this annual day celebration, viz., Sri B.K.M. Rajkumar (The G Scape & V.T. Builders), Ln. Nagarajan, Supreme Packages, Hosur, Smt. Dr. T.G.K. Krishnapriya Pravin (Daughter of Dr. T.G. Kuppusamy, Dubai), M.N. Ravi, Kamal K.R. Dakshinamoorthy (Hosur), K.C. Ramachandran (Vijay Polymers), U.K. Kalyana Ramudu, A.S. Shanmugarajan (Electro Tech, Bangalore), S.K. Varadarajan (Mukund Furnitures), Mahalakshmi Enterprises, K.J. Ganesh, R. Saravanan. Morning tiffin and lunch were prepared and served by B.V.K. Gopi Ready Made Samayal Kuzhu, Dindigul.

With the vote of thanks by Sri R.K. Sridharan, the annual day celebrations came to a close.