22nd Annual Day Celebration of KUSO was held on Sunday, 11.01.2015 from 8.00 am at the Auditorium of Natakashiromani A.V. Varadhachar Memorial Art Association, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru - 56020 with the massive participation of KUSO members along with their family members and relatives.

While Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO, presided over the function, Sri T.S. Jayabalan, Gen. Secretary, initiated the proceedings of the function. With Master N.V.S. Abhirama Arjun and Baby N.V.S. Rakshana's prayer song, and the Bharath Natyam programme of Selvi R.B. Sangeetha and Selvi V.G. Sloka, the function started.

Upon the request of KUSO Gen. Secretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan, 'a minute silence prayer' was offered to those departed souls during the year. Later, KUSO President Gopalakrishnan, Sri A.G.S. Rambabu, Ex-M.P., the Chief Guest, Sri T.D. Eswaramoorthy, Chairman, EASA Engineering College, Coimbatore and Dr. O.R. Nandagopan, Scientist-G, Assosiciate Director, Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory, D.R.D.O., Cochin, our Special Invitees and others lighted the lamp on the stage.
President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, briefed to the audience KUSO's activities and achievements during the year. Sri V.G. Gridharan (KUSO Jobs and Business), welcomed the Chief Guest, Special Invitees, Members and Sourashtra General Public. After welcome address, KUSO office bearers, committee members, chief guest, special invitees, donors, SONNA KODUM and Calendar Advertisers and other VIPs were introduced to the audience and honored on the stage.
Other VIPs, more particularly from Coimbatore Sri K.R. Sekar (Vice-President, Coimbatore Sourashtra Sangam), Sri V. Kuppuraj (Treasurer, Coimbatore Sourashtra Sangam), Sri D.R. Surendran, (Mess Manager, EASA Engg. College), from Madurai Sri S.S. Ramakrishnan, (Photographer & Former Reporter 'Dinamalar'), Sri K.R. Gnaneswaran & Sri Malli Ravikumar (from Sourashtra Voice TV), Sri V.N. Bhaskar (Sou. Madhya Sabha E.C. Member from Ooty), Sri D.G. Kannan (former President, Erode Sourashtra Sabha), Sri R.S.S. Nathan (Former President, Delhi Sourashtra Sabha) and Sri Muddan K. Thyagarajan from Cochin and some others from other parts of the Country had participated in the annual day celebrations.
The TV crew of Sourashtra Voice TV, Madurai had video-graphed all the proceedings of the day and interviewed a few VIPs and public for being telecast in their programme.
Our Chief Guest Sri A.G.S. Rambabu, inaugurated the 'Free Medical Camp' organized by Dr B.A. Viswanath, Aditya Group of Institutions, Bangalore, his wife Dr. Priya Viswanath, M.B.B.S., (M.D.) and Dr S.D. Muralidass (Siddha) and team of nurses from the medical hospital of Dr B.A. Viswanath had rendered services in the medical camp. Many of the Sourashtra people and the general public got checked their sugar, blood pressure etc. It is observed that this free medical camp is mostly welcomed by people.
Dr O.R. Nandagopan, Scientist-G, Associate Director, Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory, D.R.D.O., Cochin had insisted in his speech to talk in our mother tongue Sourashtra while interrogating with the family members and children to save our language and identity. Sri T.D. Eswaramoorthy had re-collected in his speech, the guidance extended by Sri A.G.S. Rambabu in the formation of EASA Engineering College and K.L.N. College of Engineering . He had also made an appeal to conduct 'Maha Dhasal Thinnaal' at Bangalore every year as celebrated by Coimbatore Sourashtra Sangam.

Our Chief Guest, Sri A.G.S. Rambabu had suggested to KUSO to initiate IT Companies at Bangalore so as to create employment opportunities for Sourashtra engineering graduates. Later, KUSO Daily Calendar 2015 was released by Chief Guest Sri A.G.S. Rambabu and the first copy was received by Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO. Before commencement of the function, in the early hours, rangoli competitions for ladies, lemon-spoon competitions for ladies and children, and tug of war for both men and women were held.
After the speech of chief guest, special invitees and others, the cultural programmes were conducted by Asst. Secretary Sri R.K. Sridharan, Committee Members, Sri R.R. Baskar, Sri P.M. Balaji and Sri K.K. Gopinath. Fancy Dress competitions for children, musical chair competitions for children and women, dance competitions, 'one minute competition' for men were also held with massive applause from the audience.
'Early Bird' Award of a beautiful leather bag were offered to the winners each, viz., Smt. Amudha Rajesh, Smt. D. Manjula Dakshinamoorthy, Smt. Swetha Sasikiran, Smt. Anandhi Nagarajan, Smt. M.M. Bhuvaneshwari, Smt. Kavitha Murugan, Smt. Usha, Smt. K.J. Padmavathi, Smt. Seetha Jhothi and Smt. M. Kousalyarani Mahesh by Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, president, KUSO.
Prizes were also offered to those winners in all competitions and participants. Sri D.S.K. Ramani Venkatesh was offered a prize for successfully answering the '5 Questions' asked to the audience.
The Annual Day Celebrations were jointly and severally conducted by KUSO Adviser Sri K.V. Pathy, Astrologer Sri P.R. Surendran, Vice-President, Sri B.R. Surendran, Treasurer Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu, Joint Treasurer Sri P.R. Gopinath, Secretaries Sri B.V. Srinivas, Sri R.K. Sridharan and other committee members, Sri M.V. Mohanram, Madurai, Sri T.V. Surendran, Sri R.R. Baskar, Sri N.R. Viswanathan, Sri R. Krishnakumar, Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri T.R. Rajesh Khanna, Sri N. Saravanan, Sri M.R. Nagarajan, Sri R.R. Venkatesh, Sri V.G. Ravindranath, Sri V.G. Gridharan and Sri P.M. Balaji and Smt. Ramila Devadoss Babu, Smt. Shanthi Baskar, Smt. Yogeshwari Nagarajan, Smt. Uma Gridharan, Smt. Manjula Gopinath, Smt. Ashwini Gopinath, Smt. Subhapriya Krishnakumar, Smt. Kamalam Balaji and Smt. Kamalam Saravanan had also assisted for the grand success of the annual day celebrations.
KUSO extends its wholehearted thanks to the following donors for the grand celebrations of the day, viz., Dr B.A. Viswanath, (Aditya Group of Institutions, Bangalore) – For morning tiffin and lunch. Sri K.V. Manohan (BeeKae Properties) – Expenses on Free Medical Camp.
The Blood Dnation Camp was organised by KUSO & Sri Deepak-Blood Donation Camp incharge and Dcotors from Lions blood Bank, Bangalore. Many of the Sourashtra people and the general public got their sugar, blood pressure checked and consulted the doctors present. The Free medical camp was welcomed by people. Sri B.R. Vasu (Swathi Electronics) - Offered Prizes to the Winners, Sri M.K. Thyagarajan, Cochin - Expenses on Photos & Vidiography, Lion K.V. Nagarajan, (Supreme Packages, Hosur) - Other expenses, Sri K.R. Dakshinamoorthy (Kamal Textiles, Bagalur) - Local Transportations, Sri S.R. Jeyaprakash, Hosur - Expenses on lodging expenses on chief guest and special invitees and a number of other donors. 'Early Bird' Award and Prizes for all the competitions were distributed by Sri K.V. Pathy, President, KUSO., Sri B.R.Vasu, Swati Electronics Prizes were also presented to the winners in all competitions and participants. Sri Kousalya Rani won the prize for successfully answering the '5 Questions' asked to the audience.
The Annual Day Celebrations were jointly and severally conducted by the Team of KUSO office bearers and E.C.members, Service incharges Smt. Ramila Devadoss Babu, Smt. Shanthi Baskar, Smt. Yogeshwari Nagarajan, Smt. Kamalam Balaji, Kavitha Saravanan, Smt. Manjula Gopinathan and Smt. Subhapriya Krishnakumar had also assisted for the grand success of the annual day celebrations.
The annual day celebrations came to an end with the 'Vote of Thanks' by Sri P.M. Balaji with an emphasize on the financial assistance rendered by the donors and the valuable services rendered by one and all.