25th Annual Day - Silver Jubilee Festival

The Silver Jubilee (25th Annual Day) of the Karnataka United Sourashtra Organisation was celebrated in a very grand manner on Sunday, the 7th January 2018 from 11-00 a.m. to 6-00 p.m. in the indoor Auditorium of Aditya Group Institutions at Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Due to the participation of His Excellency Sri Vajubhai Rudabhai Valaji, the Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka, elaborate arrangements were made. He arrived at 11-00 a.m. exactly as per schedule at the Auditorium.

At first the National Anthem was sung with the whole audience standing. Then the invocation song was sung by KUSO Vice President Sri R.K. Sridharan. Smt. Subhashri Viswanath & Sri R.K. Sridharan compered the entire programme.

KUSO President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan welcomed the Hon'ble Governor in Hindi. He mentioned that it was appropriate that the Governor hailing from Gujarat has come as the Chief Guest to the celebration of the Karnataka Sourashtratrians who had migrated from Saurashtra region of Gujarat. He also welcomed all Sourashtra leaders and guests who had come from various places in Karnataka,Tamilnadu and other States.

Kumari R.B. Sangeetha, daughter of KUSO Joint Treasurer, Sri R.R. Baskar performed Pushpanjali invocation dance. Hon'ble Governor in his speech congratulated the Sourashtrians who had come from Gujarat and integrated with the South Indian population.

The Karnataka United Sourashra Organisation is celebrating their 25th Annual Day as Silver Jubilee. They are real Sourashtrians from Porbandar, the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, a divine place. He expressed his happiness to take part in this celebration.

He said the Sourashtrians are known for earning and giving to the community . They donate warm clothing in winter. Gandhiji dedicated his entire life to the nation. Our Sourashtrians, in spite of differences in language are the offsprings of the same Bharat Maata. They have drunk the same Mother's milk, but know the entire world.

The Sourashtra people earn by working hard. They give part of their earnings to the society as their duty. Sri Krishna helped his friend Sudama unasked, as he knew that Sudama was poor. Our people are like lions. I will tell you, only if we respect our women India will progress. We should give to all, even if some of them maybe bad. I bow to those who give.

I thank all Sourashtrians assembled here on behalf of Karnataka and Gujarat States. Our hands should be from top towards bottom to give and not from bottom to top for receiving.

The Hon'ble Governor concluded his speech after he made the entire audience chant 'Bharat maata ki jay' in loud voice repeatedly. Hon'ble Governor released two books of Dr. T.R.Damodaran - Jeeva Shabda Ghosham and Nayaki darisanam.

Dr. B.A. Viswanath in his vote of thanks to the Governor (in Hindi) expressed our most happiness and satisfaction in 25 years by the participation of His Excellency, which will remain memorable for ever. He also thanked the Governor for bringing out the greatness of Sourashtrians and asked for his blessings for ever.

Smt. Swarna Raja presented him with a painting of Madurai Meenakshi (painted by her). The Hon'ble Governor took leave after the National Anthem.

Then Baby Dhanushri performed Bharatnatyam. As requested by General Scretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan the audience observed one minute silence in memory of our community elders who departed during the previous year.

The Special invitees Sri K.V. Manohar, Dr. V.P. Ramamurthy-Chairman, Dhanalaksmi College of Engineering, Chennai, Sri S.R. Shriraam Sekher-President, Sourashtra Madhya Sabha, Sri S.R. Anantharaman-President, Sourashtra Southern Region Council, Tirunelveli, Sri K.R.M. Kishore Kumar, I.P.S.-AGDP, Andhra Pradesh, Sri Bajji Radhakrishnan-Past President, Sourashtra Madhya Sabha, Thanjavur, Dr. B.A.Viswanath-Chairman, Aditya Group Institutions, Bangalore and Patron-KUSO and Sri K.V. Pathy-Past President, KUSO were invited to the dias. They addressed the audience and were honoured by shawl.

Sri S.R. Shriraam Shekher released the KUSO Silver Jubilee Souvenir which was received by Dr. B.A. Viswanath. He also released the booklet 'Sri Keertanaan' - Thiruppaavai in Sourashtra language - written by Sri Joottu Thiagarajan which was received by Dr. V.P. Ramamurthy.

Then Dr. V.P. Ramamurthy released KUSO 2018 Calendar which was received by Dr. B.A. Viswanath. The following guests from different places were honoured with shawls. Sri Bhajji R. Radhakrishnan from Thanjavur, Sri Kuppal Devadass, Sri Shakthi Rangarajan, Sri Solai R. Amarnath and Sri N.K. Ramajayam from Chennai, Sri O.N. Shridharan-President, Hyderabad Sourashtra Sangam, Sri T.R. Govindan from Dindigul, Sri M.V. Mohan Ram, Prof. T.R. Damodaran, Sri T.R. Subramanian, Sri Laguduva Govardhanan, Sri Surya Gnaneswaran, Sri T.D. Mahadevan and Sri O.S. Subramanian from Madurai, Erode Sabha President Sri Chandrasekar and Past President Sri T.G. Kannan, Sri M.P. Rajan, Sri S.S. Saravanan and Sri N.N. Chandra Sekaran from Emaneswaram, Sri K.Ve. Nagarajan, Sri P.G. Naganathan, Sri K.R. Govindian and Sri G.S. Krishna Bharathi from Hosur, Sri M.R. Narayanan, Sri V.N. Sekar, Sri M.N. Jegannathan, Sri M.N. Janakiraman, Sri P.B. Gangaram and Sri Mohan from Salem and Sri C.R. Umapathy from Trichy.

Sri K.V. Pathy, Past President and Advisor of KUSO was felicitated By Dr. B.A. Viswanath by a shawl. On the eve of Silver Jubilee Anniversary accasion, Dr. V.P. Ramamurthy has announced donation to KUSO, for their good service and to improve the Association.

KUSO has appriciated Sri T.S. Jayabalan, General Secretary for his hardwork and selfless service awarded Shield and Cheque and the Executive Committee Members honoured a Golden Cash Bag and honoured the couple with shawl. A Free Medical camp was conducted as part of KUSO celebration. Dr. Priya Viswanath with Aditya Nursing College students and Specialist Hospital did General check up. Vasan Eye Care did eye Check up and Vasan Dental Care conducted Dental check up. Lions Club held a Blood Donation camp. Sri Solai R. Amarnath co-ordinated these camps.

Dr. B.A. Viswanath, Chairman, Aditya Group Institutions provided the Auditorium, Breakfast, Lunch and evening tea as well as Transport from City to Auditorium and back. The Donors for the grand function were, Sri S.R. Jeyaprakash, Sri K.Ve. Nagarajan, Sri M.R. Jeyakumar, Sri A.S. Shanmukarajan, Sri M.K. Thiyagarajan, Smt. Jothiluxmi (Sri M.N. Ravi), Sri M.R. Suresh, Sri N. Goverdanan, Sri S.K. Varadarajan (Mukund Furnitures), Sri U.K. Kalyana Ramudu, Sri T.V. Surendran, Sri A.S. Kumaresh, Sri Kala K.K. Ramamurthy, Sri K.K. Sriram, Sri K.P. Dakshina Murthy, Sri M.R. Jeevan and Sri G.S. Krishna Bharathi.

Further cultural events were conducted by Sri R.K.Sridharan, Executive Committee Sri P.M. Balaji & Sri R.R. Venkatesh, Photographer. Master Aditya son of Dr. B.A.Viswanath played film songs on santoor and delighted the audience. Brother of Smt. A.R. Mahalakshmi, Sri A.R. Sridharan Sourashtra Magalir Federation, Madurai - entertained the children and adults by his magic show.

In between our cultural programmes, students of Aditya group of institutions have given very nice Western and Classical dances like Bharatanatyam, Kerala Onam group dances, solo dances and enjoyed by our audiences. In the morning, before the main function, Rangoli (Kolam) competition was held. The first three prizes were won by Kum. S. Shoba, Smt. Kavitha Murugan and Smt. Vanishri respectively.

In children's fancy-dress competition first three winners were, Harshith, Aditya Janardhanan and Kousikan. In musical chair competition, the winners were, Varnikashri T.S., Ullaas K.M. and Deepak G. In ladies' musical chair competition, the winners were, Smt. Vanishri, Smt. Malashri Santosh and Smt. Kavitha M. were winners of first three prizes. In one minute play for gent' competition, the winners were, Santhosh, Sekar, Prashanth Kumar, Raja Thippan, Veeramanikandan, K.V. Jeyaprakash, B.S. Thulasiram, Sudhesh, B.N. Gajendra, Thejas and Vishal.

The following persons conducted the celebration by standing in front, in a grand manner. President V.G. Gopalakrishnan, Vice President R.K. Sridharan, Patron Dr. B.A. Vishhwanath, General Secretary T.S. Jayabalan, Secretaries K.K. Gopinath and T.A. Pattabiraman, Treasurer K.K. Devadoss Babu, Joint Treasurer R.R. Baskar, Past Presidents K.V. Pathy and K.R. Kalidoss, Editor-Sonna Kodum, R.N. Sadasivan, Service Inchargers V.G. Ravindranath, T.R. Rajesh Kanna, Smt. M.N. Yogeshwari, R. Raghu, R.R. Venkatesh, B.M. Srinivas, Executive Committee Members B.V. Srinivasan, R. Krishnakumar, P.R. Gopinath, P.M. Balaji, N. Saravanan, B.K.M. Rajkumar, M.R. Nagarajan, S.K. Varadarajan, Ladies Wings Smt. Savithri Sadasivan, Smt. Nalini Raghu, Smt. Bhagya Srinivasan, Smt. Ramila Devadoss Babu, Smt. Shanthi Baskar, Smt. Uma Gridharan, Smt. Jeyanthi Sridharan, Smt. Geetha Varadarajan, Smt. Manjula Gopinath, Smt. Saroja Jayabalan, Smt. Subhapriya Krishnakumar, Smt. Kamalam Balaji, Smt. Gomathi Pattabiraman, Smt. Madhu Rajkumar, Smt. Kavitha Saravanan and Smt. Ashwini Gopinath.

The celebration concluded with the Vote of thanks by Sri T.S. Jayabalan to all those who helped in the conduct of this Silver Jubilee function by monetary donations and in other ways.

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