Vishwa Sourashtram,
. . . is the first e-Journal brought out to develop Sourashtra literary interests among the Sourashtra community people and to develop Sourashtra language and literature.

Vishwa Sourashtram,
. . . in spite of the fact a Journal devoted for the development of Sourashtra language and literature, is in tune with the happenings and present developments, so articles that are of common interest and covering various subjects are invited.

Vishwa Sourashtram,
. . . aimed to provide readers with variety of information in Sourashtra and all the languages Sourashtra community people are proficient.

Vishwa Sourashtram,
. . . serve as a 'Global Platform' for Sourashtra Community people to develop their language skills (of course in Sourashtra), share their views, career develoments, etc.,

As the name implies, we try to cover the 'Entire Aspects of Sourashtra People Across the Globe'

Jai Souraashtram

For all the details, please contact us at :
vishwa@sourashtra. info

Vishwa Sourashtram
(First E-Journal of the Sourashtra Community of Southern India)