Avre Thaam! Avre Gher! Avre Gaam!

KUSO glad to announce that meeting conducted by KUSO and BVK Group on Sourahstra Nagar on Sunday 16-02-2014 was a grand success. We updated the progress of the development of Sourashtra Nagar project to everyone. Upon the request many people have given Rs. 1 Lakh (Rs. 1,00,000/-) cheque as token of interest in purchasing one property in the Sourashtra Nagar.
Those who have given token advance will get priority for selecting the plot on the first come first service basis. Initially many members showed interest in forming Sourashtra Nagar, are requested to give Rs. 1 Lakh cheque as token payment. Kindly inform your relatives and Sourashtra friends about this great opportunity.

Cheque in favour of
	: BeKae Properties Private Limited
	: Rs. 1 Lakh (Account Payee Only)
Cheque Date
	: Do not mention date
Address to be sent to
	: KUSO, 66, 6th Main, 4th Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 560010.
Kindly issue another cheque of Rs. 5000 in favour of “KUSO” towards service charges. For more details please contact
Sri Jayabalan, +91-99020-00295,
Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu +91-93412-36996 and mail@kuso.co.in.

We will conduct next meeting shortly at Madurai / Chennai where rate and location will be announced. Please do not wait for the meeting. You can courier the payment as the preference will be on first-come-first-basis. You can attend the meeting later for more details.
The cheque for Rs. 1 lakh will be deposited only after the acceptance of the plot purchase.

We have created an online survey form which we request you to fill in. CLICK HERE . The more people fill in better for the Sourashtra Nagar and hence kindly request your relatives and Sourashtra friends to register and fill-in the form. In addition we also have a registration form. We would therefore request you to go to our web site www.kuso.co.in (click 'Sourashtra Nagar' icon at 'right') to take a print out of our application form. it will enable us to plan in the formation of lay-out according to the requirement of applicants with provisions for civic amenities. Join hand and be part of proud Sourashtra Community!