10th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela

The entire Sourashtra Community will remember KUSO for ever for having introduced to it the concept of 'Exchange of Horoscopes' by the parents of Nowran and Nowrin in a gathering arranged exclusively for that purpose in the name of Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela. From the year 2004, KUSO had successfully conducted 9 such melas. The 10th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela was held at Kumara Vyasa Mandapam,
Bangalore 560010, on Sunday the 8th March 2009.

The Mela started by 10.30 am with the formal announcement by
Sri T.S. Jayabalan, Secretary, KUSO. Then the main business started. Sri T.R. Govindan, President, All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha - Industrial Wing, Sri M.V. Mohanram, Member, Industrial Wing,
Sri N.S.R. Santharam, Executive Committee Member, All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha being Special Invitees of KUSO, were seen sitting in a row close to the counter of Sri Kuppanna Aiyangar, our Astrologer. Sri C.R. Sathyakumar sang a prayer song.

Smt. Kanaga Kantharaj, Bangalore, Smt. Sarala Madhusudan, New Delhi, Smt. Nandhini Suryakumar, Salem, Smt. Ramila Krishnamurthy, Madurai and Smt. Rajeshwari Govindan, Dindigul - the visiting parents - lighted the lamp to pray our Guru, Sourashtra Community Jyothi Sriman Natana Gopala Nayagi Swamigal.

Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO, in his inaugural speech suggested to the parents just to verify the very very important aspects only, in the horoscopes for the peaceful life of the couple. If they make too much delay in conducting the marriage of their children, they may be forced to take their own decision of their own choice which may result ugly positions to the family in the society, he cautioned. Prof. N. Vasu, Vice-President, KUSO, impressed the same suggestion to the visiting parents.

He also guided the parents as to how to fill the application forms for registering the horoscopes of their children. In the Registration counter, the following KUSO office bearers and committee members were seen busy. Sri V.G. Ravi has shown special interest on the Mela and was seen accepting the completed application forms, guiding the parents in completing the forms without any mistakes.

The completion and submission of application forms for nowran / nowrin of the parents to certain levels, both Sri T.S. Jayabalan, Secretary, KUSO and Sri R.R. Baskar, Joint Secretary, KUSO, started to announce the details of horoscopes and introducing the concerned parents (with or without their boy / girl) on the stage. Coffee and "Aamavadai" were offered by 12-00 noon to the visiting parents, their children and the Special Invitees from All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha.

After reaching a stage of announcement process, lunch process started. Our caterers started serving the lunch items, viz., Palav, Curd Rice, Mysore Pag and Pakoda, by 2.35p.m. Immediately after lunch, the special invitees - All India Sourashtra Madhya Sabha - office bearers were introduced on the stage by Prof. N.Vasu.

The announcement of the details of new horoscopes lasted by 4.00 pm. We also announced the horoscopes of 'Nowran' and 'Nowrin' which were registered after 9th 'Mela'. Later upon getting the xerox copies of horoscopes, the parents approached Sri Kuppanna Aiyangar, astrologer, started the matching process of horoscopes. This time our usual KUSO astrologer Sri P.R. Surendran was not presence, because of his personal work.

Evening Mixture pockets and tea were offered to the visitors by 4.30p.m. Some of the parents were seen leaving the meeting hall, after getting the copies of horoscopes required by them. The 10th Jadhaga Parivathanai Mela was concluded by 5.30p.m., with the vote of thanks by
Sri P.M. Balaji, Committee Member of KUSO.

A report on "10th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela" from 'Kalaikadir' on 14th March 2009.