13th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela

KUSO organized the 13th Jadhaga Parivarthana Mela on Sunday, 26th of September 2010. Jadhaga Parivarthana Mela organized by KUSO is a Bi-annual event. We have reports that over 30 alliances have been successful through this forum.

The success of this event is evident from the rise in attendance from across the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra and Tamil Nadu, not to mention the registrations from outside of India. The total people present during the function were about 230.

This Mela had about fresh 60 registrations (32 girls and 28 boys). People had come from places like Salem, Chennai, Karur and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Sri R.R. Bhaskar and Sri T.S. Jeyabalan anchored the meet and introduced the brides, bridegrooms along with their family members. Some had come with their friends. In one instance the bridegroom came to stage alone and sought alliance.

Smt & Sri P.R. Gopinath, Smt and Sri Devadoss, Smt and Sri Sadasivan, Sri P.D. Srinivasan were at the desks to do the registrations. We had a strong team of volunteers to make all arrangements and take care of the boundaries.

Sri O.S. Amarnath and Sri M.A. Gopalakrishnan sponsored the day’s lunch. Their family members were felicitated by KUSO president. They were presented with shawls as a token of our appreciation of their contribution.

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