14th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela

The 14th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela was held at Kumara Vyasa Mantapa, Rajajinagar, 4th Block, Bangalore - 560 010, on Sunday the 20th March 2011 by 10-30 am, with the prayer song by
Sri C.R. Sathyakumar, Vice President. Prof. N. Vasu formally announced the commencement of the 14th Mela. Smt. Purani Janardhanan from New Delhi, Smt. Indira Kesavachari from Mumbai, Smt Jamuna Santharam from Trichy, Smt. Sucharita Vatsanath from Chennai and Smt Chitra Nagarajan from Nagercoil lighted the lamp to mark the commencement of the Mela.

Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO presided over the gathering. Prof. N. Vasu, Vice-President, KUSO in his welcome address explained to the audience the procedures to be followed in the process of the Mela. While the registration of horoscopes of Nowran and Nowrin was commenced in the registration counter, tea was offered to our guests (parents and their children) as a refreshment by 11-00 am.Committee Members Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Smt Savithri Sadasivan,
Sri R. Krsihnakumar, Smt. Krishnakumar were seen busy in the Nowran, Nowrin registration counter respectively. Treasurer Sri K.K. Devadass Babu, Sri K.R. Sridhar, Sri P.D. Srinivas were seen in the processing counter assisting the parents in filling the application forms.

Joint Secretary Sri P.R. Gopinath and Committee Member Sri R.R. Baskar announced the details of horoscope of Nowran and Nowrin and introduced the parents of the prospective brides and grooms to the audience.

The Nowran and Nowrin horoscope details were displayed on the screen (using LCD projector) when the particulars were being announced. The introduction of the parents, �Nowran� and �Nowrin� on the stage continued till 1-45 pm, when lunch break was announced.

During the lunch break, the trailer of Sourashtra Tele-film �Ghettivido� was shown to the audience. Lunch was served to the guest parents and their children by our caterers in two separate rows to ease the congestion. During the lunch period, Committee Members Sri P.M. Balaji, Sri K.K. Gopinath and Sri R. Krishna-kumar have kept photocopies of all the horoscopes registered ready for access and use.

After the lunch, Sri P.R. Gopinath and Sri R.R. Baskar invited the parents one after the other and handed over the copies of horoscopes they wanted. Sri P.R. Surendran our Astrologer sitting in a separate counter, was seen surrounded by the parents for consultation.

The entire office bearers and committee members of KUSO are grateful to Sri M.R. Jeevan and Sri K.C. Ramachandran for their generous donation for lunch expenses of this Mela. The 14th Mela was concluded with vote of thanks by 5-45 pm.

A report on "14th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela" from 'Kalaikadir' on 25th March 2011.