The 19th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela conducted by KUSO Marriage Bureau was held on Sunday, 22.09.2013 at 10.30 am at Kumara Vyasa Mandapam, Rajajinagar 4th Block, Bangalore.

With the prayer song by Selvi K. Divya and with the lighting of the lamp by the mothers of the visiting applicants viz., Smt. Santhi Ramachandran, Bangalore, Smt. Shyamala Ramamoorthy, Coimbatore, Smt. Rama Nathan, New Delhi, Smt. Gouri Krishnamoorthy, Trichy and Smt. Chithra Anantharaman, Chennai, KUSO General Secretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan declared the commencement of the proceedings of the Mela.

Being the Chairman of the Mela, Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, the President, KUSO in his speech explained in detail as to how the 'Mela Concept' had been generated in the minds of the then administrators of KUSO in the year 2004 and the way this 19th Mela is proceeding today with the massive support from every nook and corner of the community. He had also recommended the parents to follow simple formalities in settling the marriage alliance for their children to avoid unnecessary delays and insisted on to forget the minor differences prevailing among themselves to reach early marriage settlements.

It is observed that a large number of applicants, most of them are graduates, working in public sector, govt. and private institutions. They came from Tamilnadu, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Hariyana and Gujarath apart from locals.

KUSO former President Sri K.R. Kalidoss, Vice President Sri B.R. Surendran, Joint Treasurer Sri R.R. Baskar, Secretary Sri B.V. Srinivasan, Committee Members, viz., Sri T.V. Surendran, Sri R.K. Sridhar, Sri R. Krishnakumar, Sri P.M. Balaji, Sri N. Saravanan, Madurai Committee Members viz., Sri N.S.R. Santharam and Sri M.V. Mohanram & Smt. Manjula Gopinath, Smt. Yogeswari Nagaraj, Smt. Subapriya Krishnakumar, Smt. Priya Ganesan, Master Arunkumar Sridhar were found functioning in the key positions in the Registration Counters.

General Secretary Sri T.S. Jayabalan and Joint Secretary Sri P.R. Gopinathan read the details of horoscopes of Nowran and Nowrin registered in the Mela and simultaneously introduced them on the stage along with their parents.

After lunch and upon getting the required no. of copies of the matching horoscopes, the parents utilized the services of Sri P.R. Surendran, KUSO's official astrologer. It is observed that the parents who had come from Bangalore, Madurai, Dindigul, Trichy, Salem, Chennai, Kancheepuram, Walajapet, Paramakudi, Palayamkottai, Kumbakonam, Tirubuvanam, Rasipuram, Thanjavur and Ayyampettai had registered the horoscopes of their children in this Mela. Parents of applicants who work in the U.S.A., Japan, Soudi Arebia had also been seen in the mela hall.

Vadai and Coffee as morning refreshments, mid-day lunch and mixture and tea as evening refreshments were provided to our visiting parents and their children. Lunch was prepared and provided by P.K. Gopi Readymade Samayal Kuzhu from Dindigul.

This 19th Mela came to a close by 6 pm with the vote of thanks by our Committee Member Sri P.M. Balaji.

The Mela was concluded with the vote of thanks by Sri P.M. Balaji, our Committee Member.