We are glad to announce that KUSO initiated Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela in the year 2004. Such Melas were conducted wth a gap of 6 months. We have so far 25 much melas. The 26th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela was conducted on Sunday, 01.10.2017 at Nataka Siromani A.V. Varadhachar Memorial Art Association, Seshadripuram, Bangalore with the massive support of Sourashtra parents and their children. We encourage through this Mela, second marriages, widow marriages and marriages for physically handicapped.

Sri J.K. Vijikumar, (Sri Aadhiyandha Prabhu Astrology Research Centre, Madurai), who has come to this Mela for matching of horoscopes, gave a brief lecture on the process of matching the horoscopes for marriage purpose.

With the prayer song by Smt. Geetha Sankarlal, the Mela process started. The lighting of the lamp was conducted by the following visitor-ladies, viz., Smt. K. Gayathri, Smt. G. Vasanthi, Smt. S. Rekha, Smt R. Asha and Smt. S. Geetha and thus inaugurated the subsequent events.

In his brief speech Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, KUSO, requested the visitor-parents to minimize the scrutiny of horoscopes to speed up the matching process and suggested to conduct simple marriages. KUSO former President, Sri K.V. Pathy appealed to the audience to forget the difference of places in order to bring unity among the sourashtra people live scattered throughout Tamilnadu and India.

Sri T.S. Jayabalan, General Secretary, briefed to the audience the main purpose of the Mela and explained the achievements of KUSO for the benefit of the sourashtra community. Later, Sri T.S. Jayabalan, Gen. Secretary and Sri R.R. Basker, Joint Treasurer, read out the details of horoscopes of Nowrin and Nowran on the stage and introduced the parents with their boys/girls on the stage.

President Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, Former Presidents Sri K.R. Kalidoss, Sri K.V. Pathy, Vice President Sri R.K. Sridhar, Treasurer Sri K.K. Devadoss Babu, Joint Treasurer Sri R.R. Baskar, Secretaries Sri K.K. Gopinath, Sri T.A. Pattabiraman, Joint Internet Computer Operators Sri T.R. Rajesh Khanna, Smt. Yogeshwari Nagarajan, Sonna Kodum Editor Sri R.N. Sadasivan, Committee Members, viz., Sri B.V. Srinivasan, Sri P.R. Gopinath, Sri N. Saravanan, Sri M.R. Nagarajan, Sri R. Krishnakumar, Sri B.K.M. Rajkumar, Sri S.K. Varadarajan, Sri P.M. Balaji, Sri B.M. Srinivas, Smt. Ramila Devadoss Babu, Smt. Santhi Baskar, Smt. Subhashini Krishnakumar, Smt. Uma Gridharan and Smt. Jeyanthi Sridharan were very active in their duties to assist the visitors in filling the application forms and in other processes. Madurai Committee Member Sri M.V. Mohanram and Photographer Sri R.R. Venkatesh were also assisting the above team.

Sri K.R. Gnaneswaran of Sourashtra Voice TV, Sri K.R. Gopi from Sourashtra Time TV and Sri K.K. Kubendran of Geo Arts, all from Madurai, were honored by Sri V.G. Gopalakrishnan, President, Sri K.R. Kalidoss and Sri K.V. Pathy, former Presidents.

The visitor parents verified the matching of horoscopes with Astrologer Sri J.K. Vijikumar. The highlight of the Mela is the arrangement made by KUSO for the meeting of the parents for further discussion upon matching of the horoscopes.

We highlight the remarkable services rendered by Sri T.S. Jayabalan, Gen. Secretary and Smt. Yogeswari Nagarajan for more than 30 days in connection with the success of this Mela.

It is also remarkable to state that the parents from Bangalore, Mysore, Madurai, Dindigl, Kunda (Ooty), Pattukottai, Trichy, Salem, Thanjavur, Tirubuvanam, Chennai, Tirupur, Kumbakonam, Paramakudi, Emaneswaram have come to register horoscopes of their children. It is to be noted that the parents of nowrin/nowran who work in Singapore, Dubai, Kaththar and U.A.E. have also joined in this Mela.

We take the opportunity to thank Sri K.G. Narayanan, Revathi Tiffin Centre, Sourashtra Time TV, Sri Sudharshan of Sagar TV and Sri N.L. Nagarajan, Asoka TV and Shalini TV, Salem for having given vide publicity on this Mela through their respective TV channels. We also thank the office bearers of various Sabhas and social workers who worked for pasting the posters and distributing notices on this Mela.

Morning tiffin, Lunch and Evening Tea were offered to our visitor parents and the nowrin/nowran accompanied them.

The 26th Jadhaga Parivarthanai Mela came to an end with the vote of thanks by Sri R.K. Sridharan.